Austin Orthopedic Doctor
September 1, 2020

Have you been experiencing forearm pain recently or for quite some time? There could be many reasons for pain, from repetitive impact and overuse to arthritis and more. We’ll break down the top 5 forearm injuries that we typically see and what these issues entail. If you have recently suffered from a forearm injury, please […]

Austin Wrist and Hand Doctor
July 26, 2020

With eight small bones attached to a movable joint, the wrist is a very complex structure. If you factor in the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves it’s no surprise that the wrist is one of the most commonly injured areas in the upper body. If you have recently suffered from an injury, please don’t hesitate […]

ATX Hand Surgeon
December 16, 2019

As an experiencing hand surgeon, I’ve seen quite a variety of hand conditions and injuries but some occur more often than others! If you’ve ever had a hand injury, you know how frustrating and limiting it can be – but if you’ve recently suffered an injury, call the ATX hand surgeon and get started on […]

austin hand specialist
December 16, 2019

Nearly everyone has experienced some form of hand pain in their lifetime – whether that be from a sports injury, an accident in the kitchen, or from contorting your fingers into an unnatural position to tighten a hard-to-get-to bolt. With hand pain being so common, it’s important to know when to let it subside on […]

Austin Wrist and Hand Doctor
December 12, 2018

The hand and wrist are made up of many small joints that all work together to create motion, including fine motor skills needed to handle small and large objects. Joints that are affected by arthritis can make daily activities, including tying your shoes or picking up a spoon, difficult. Since arthritis can occur in many […]