Best hand surgeon
August 20, 2019

The process of choosing a physician to treat your injury can be confusing and difficult. The priority, of course, is to fix the issue as much, as quickly, and as painlessly as possible, but other factors like bedside manner, personability, communication skills, and level of sympathy also contribute to your overall experience. We’d like to […]

A Surgeon’s Wellness Instruments: Empathy, Scalpel, and Music
April 25, 2019

Music has a primal power to impact quality of life whether it creates healing, happiness, self-expression, human connection or calm. Austinites, as listeners and performers, know that as well as anyone. Most of our lives are imbued with music; in restaurants and retail shops, in our cars and trucks, our late-night watering holes. We play […]

December 12, 2018

The hand and wrist are made up of many small joints that all work together to create motion, including fine motor skills needed to handle small and large objects. Joints that are affected by arthritis can make daily activities, including tying your shoes or picking up a spoon, difficult. Since arthritis can occur in many […]

October 30, 2018

Everyone knows the story about the starving artist. But what happens when the artist breaks their arm? Is that the end of their career? I don’t think it should be. That’s why I created the Musician Treatment Foundation (MTF). What is The Musician Treatment Foundation? The Musician Treatment Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to […]